Survey insights to grow your business and make data-driven decisions

Our automated end-to-end survey process gives companies unparalleled insight into their customers, competitors’ customers, and potential customers

Why leading brands & investors use Verasight data
Our customers trust Verasight data to guide investment decisions and determine business strategy.
Unparalleled Access:  Whether you want to hear from your competitors’ customers or C-suite technology leaders, our technology gives you access to the people you need to make decisions.
Speed:  Instead of spending time programming surveys, cleaning responses, or analyzing data, our technology lets customers focus on insights and data driven-decisions.
Automated analytics:  Verasight customers get instant access to verified responses and analytics with key insights.
Is your organization’s data falling behind?
Verasight helps organizations avoid these costly mistakes:
Limited Reach

Brands typically hear from a small subset of their customers who do not resemble their typical or target consumer

Declining Data Availability

Privacy regulations and consumers opting-out of cookies mean organizations are left with less data

Narrow Focus

Brands only collect data from their own customers, but miss the potential to hear from their competitors’ customers

What questions do brands and investors answer with Verasight data?
In an increasingly competitive world, Verasight positions organizations with the data they need to avoid costly mistakes and grow
How does my NPS compare with my competitors?

While organizations might hear from a select segment of their own customers, Verasight enables brands to hear directly from their competitors' customers or potential customers.

Which new product is most likely to increase sales?

Verasight's technology and research team helps brands understand the product and marketing decisions that will best position companies for growth.

Which strategy is most likely to gain regulatory approval?

Verasight's Politics and Policy Network panel gives companies access to the Americans closest to policy decisions.

How are my target consumers changing their spending habits?

With consumer preferences changing faster than ever, Verasight customers are uniquely able to get ahead of trends with up-to date insights.