The Politics and Policy Network (PPN) panel provides researchers with access to a representative sample of the most politically influential Americans

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The Politics & Policy Network Composition
Verasight constructed The Politics & Policy Network to capture the Americans closest to policy decisions.

High-Impact Donors:  Political contributors with a minimum of $10,000 in a single election cycle.

Former State Decision Makers:  Individuals who were previously employed in policy-related state-level government positions.

Former Federal Decision Makers:  Previous employees of high-level federal positions, who often move into non-governmental positions of lobbying and maintain connections with lawmakers.

Lobbyists, Interest Group Leaders, and Thought Leaders:  Leaders of interest groups, lobbyists, governmental affairs professionals, and leading policy-adjacent academics.

The Verasight Methodology
Verasight's team of PhD researchers built The Politics & Policy Network with the methodological rigor to give clients confidence that their data represents the true population of policy influencers
Identify the 200,000 Americans closest to policy decisions
Randomly select members of the Politics & Policy Network to be invited to each Verasight survey
Rigorously execute a multi-channel recruitment campaign to maximize coverage and response rate across direct mail and text messaging
Develop survey weights to enable customers to generalize data to the Politics & Policy Network
What differentiates Verasight’s approach?
Verasight is the partner of choice when organizations need to hear from the individuals closest to policy decisions.
Perspectives at all levels of the policy-making process

Federal decision-makers, state decision-makers, lobbyists, donors, interest groups, academics

Deep reach

Our approach enables quantitative and longitudinal research with sample sizes up-to 600 respondents per wave

Capped capacity

We recognize that those with the most influence have extreme demands on their time, so we limit capacity to maintain the quality of our sample

Unparalleled Support

Each project is assigned a Verasight PhD researcher who helps to operationalize your research objectives and build custom analyses and weights to answer your questions

How Organizations Utilize The Politics and Policy Network
In a rapidly changing political and regulatory environment, the Politics and Policy Network helps Verasight customers stay ahead.
Preemptively identify regulatory hurdles
Test messaging to boost support for policy positions and lobbying efforts
Track changing sentiment towards companies or policy position
Leverage data to inform government affairs strategy