Let us Venmo you for taking short surveys

Your opinions are valuable, so it's time you are paid for them

The old way
Constant emails asking for feedback
Long surveys
Minimal or not rewards
The Verasight way
A community that Venmo’s you for your opinion.
What differentiates the Verasight community?
We recognize the value of each community member and pay you for your time while you shape the policies and products of the future.
Rewards: Verasight provides Venmo and PayPal payments, so you can spend your rewards as you wish
Respect: We value your time and consider you our partners
Privacy:  We will never share your personal information
How your opinions will shape the future?
Verasight community members are an active part the national conversation!
Make sure the media hear what you think
Help your government officials design polices
Give brands input to make new and improved products