February 2, 2023
10 mins
Do You Know Where Your Survey Data Comes From?
Verasight’s co-founder, Peter Enns, and senior data scientist, Jake Rothschild, uncover how the survey research industry increasingly finds respondents.
Image shows top view of a folder, paper, and magnifying glass.

Researchers often assume that the survey organization they work with on a project is responsible for recruiting respondents. As Verasight’s co-founder, Peter K. Enns, and Senior Data Scientist, Jake Rothschild, explain in a 3Streams article, several of the most prominent survey research organizations outsource respondent recruitment. This raises important questions about transparency in the industry and the ability of researchers to monitor data quality. The full article, including suggestions for researchers, can be found here. Importantly, Verasight never outsources respondent recruitment, which gives us the unique ability to guarantee high quality data and to offer deeper insights to our customers.