Verasight’s diverse recruitment methods enable organizations to recruit representative samples of any population

Verasight combines recruitment methods to maximize population coverage and reach any audience.

Advantages of our sampling approach
Verasight's methodology positions organizations to achieve their research objectives with the highest-quality data.
Multi-mode recruitment maximizes population coverage
Researchers have flexibility to select the optimal sampling approach for their research
Unique ability to sample hard-to-reach groups
Do you know where your survey data comes from?
Traditional survey companies are far removed from those taking their surveys….
Read our research uncovering how the largest survey firms collect their data.
In contrast to traditional survey and market research vendors, Verasight offers organizations direct access to our community of verified respondents.
Vetted Data Quality
We directly recruit all community members so our customers have access to trusted data.
Accuracy-Aligned Incentives
Verasight guarantees that respondents are incentivized for each survey to encourage truthful responses.
Advanced Analytics
We can uniquely offer our customers deeper analytics and profiling data.
Verasight’s address-based sampling gives researchers access to cost-effective probability data
Our address-based sampling offers researchers the following advantages:
With our postcard invitations and industry-leading tracking capabilities, Verasight can collect address-based samples in 1-2 weeks.
Multi-Mode Invitations
Verasight’s ABS invitations give respondents the ability to complete the survey at the time and the medium of their choosing - QR code entry, website link entry, or phone number to complete the survey by telephone
Customized Invitations
Our team of PhD data scientists models likely demographic characteristics to customize invitations in order to maximize response rates (e.g., bilingual invitations based on last name and zip code).
Verasight leads the industry in data quality and transparency
Data transparency provides one of the most important indications of high-quality data. We let our data speak for itself. We are so confident in the quality of our data that we make our non-proprietary data available for anyone to analyze.
Roper Center for Public Opinion Research logo
Customers and researchers can analyze our public data through the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research. Verasight has earned a perfect 10/10 Transparency Score (“Greatly Exceeds Expectations”) from the Roper Center.
Verasight is also a member of the American Association for Public Opinion Research’s (AAPOR) Transparency Initiative. As an AAPOR Transparency Initiative member, Verasight is certified as meeting or exceeding industry standards in the practice of transparency in reporting of survey-based research findings.