February 2, 2023
5 mins
Market Insights
Netflix Remains America’s Favorite Streaming Service
Streaming giant Netflix tops the charts for brand familiarity, customer subscriptions, and customers’ favorite service.

While many Americans continue to weigh the benefits of cable TV, satellite TV, and a multitude of streaming service options, one thing remains clear: competition for Americans’ attention and wallets remains fierce. Despite this, Netflix is taking a controversial approach to growing its user base as they announced recently that they would begin cracking down on password sharing among Netflix users in some markets. As the first mainstream streaming service that most Americans used,Netflix has built strong brand loyalty among many consumers. Time will tell if this loyalty will withstand the test of time amid price increases. In order to better understand consumer perceptions of streaming services, Verasight recently conducted a market research study with 2,875 Americans to learn more about their opinions on popular US streaming services.

Image shows a smartphone with the Netflix logo on the screen.
"Netflix" by stockcatalog is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Despite recent bad press and backlash from Netflix’s password policy announcement, Verasight’s data, shown in the chart above, suggests that Netflix remains US consumers’ favorite brand. While news cycles can influence brand perceptions, it is important to examine larger trends in consumer sentiment to inform business decisions in a data-supported manner.

Image shows chart of streaming service NPS scores on the y-axis and product usage on the x-axis.
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