August 17, 2023
5 minutes
Verasight Data Spotlight: Professors Jonathon Schuldt and Adam Pearson Publish Using Verasight Data in ‘Climatic Change’

Researchers at Cornell and Pomona Publish Study Based on Verasight Data.

Jon Schuldt, Associate Professor in the Department of Communication and Executive Director of the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research at Cornell University, and Adam Pearson, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Psychological Science at Pomona College, recently published an article in Climatic Change based on two surveys conducted by Verasight. The article, titled, “Public recognition of climate change inequities within the United States” breaks new ground by demonstrating the US public massively underestimates the extent to which the negative consequences of climate change affect some groups much more than others.

Professor Pearson explained, “Our finding that a plurality of U.S. adults, including a plurality of Democrats, report that climate change affects “all groups about equally” stands in sharp contrast with the reality on the ground. And it suggests that policy proposals to direct resources to socially and economically disadvantaged communities that are harder hit by climate impacts may face an uphill battle from the start.” ‍

Schuldt and Pearson’s study utilized two surveys of US adults they conducted with Verasight, with a total of N=2,101 participants. The first survey was fielded May 11–23, 2022 (N = 1,084) and the second survey, which served to replicate the findings of the first survey and to test how referencing racial inequities or inequities within the U.S. via a question wording experiment affected responses, was fielded August 26–September 1, 2022 (N = 1,017). Both surveys included respondents obtained directly from random address-based sampling (ABS) as well as from Verasight’s proprietary panel, which utilizes random ABS, random person-to-person text messaging, and online targeting as well as multiple authentication methods to ensure the panel is representative of the U.S. population.

Professor Schuldt, who has previously published with Verasight data, affirmed some of the benefits of working with Verasight. He notes, “Working with the Verasight team went incredibly smoothly. Everything including their communication, guidance, and data delivery was extremely professional.” 

Verasight is proud to provide representative and verified survey data to academic researchers. It is exciting to see Verasight data lead to new discoveries and to influence policy conversations. Pearson emphasized the significance of the findings in promoting informed dialogue, stating, "Our findings also highlight a critical window of opportunity for educators, health professionals, scientists, civic leaders, and others to build public understanding about climate inequities within the U.S."

You can read the full Climatic Change article here and coverage in the Cornell Chronicle here.

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